Visions Glass Cookware Set |VS228| 8-pieces

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Compatible With:
All cooktops except induction, oven and microwave safe
4 Pots with Glass Lids
Calexium Glass
Made in:
Pots in France / Lids in China

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VS228 | Visions 8-Piece Glass Cookware Set

We all know how hard it is for a kitchen to have matching cookware sets. Most companies only produce a piece or two, making matching difficult. Add a touch of class, and a touch of "green" to your kitchen with Vision's 8-piece cookware set. This set includes:

  1. VSP-1 1.0L Sauce Pan with Lid
  2. VSP-2.5 2.5L Sauce Pan with Lid
  3. VSD-3.5 3.5L Stock Pot with Lid
  4. VSD-5 5.0L Dutch Oven with Lid

Why Select Visions Cookare?

1. See What is Cooking

The transparent glass body of the cookware allows you to check on your cooking at all times. No more overcooked mush, and no more overflowing pan. Food stains and odours will not become stuck or trapped on the glass body, making healthy homestyle cooking easier and more fun.

2. Durability

The revolutionary material used in Visions cookware can withstand high heat. Other aluminum cookware will warp under heat, but your Visions glass cookware will stay looking like new.

3. Energy-Saving

Glass materials used in Visions cookware retain heat extremely well, all you have to do is have the heat on low or medium after boiling to continue the cooking process, saving energy, and improving the taste and quality of the food you are preparing.

Haven't Used Visions Cookware Before? We'll Tell You How!

  • Your Visions cookware is extremely versatile, take it from the fridge straight to the stove or oven. The glass body is made to withstand temperature fluctuations. You can even wash the pot, or wash it in the dishwasher when the cookware is still hot.
  • Glass is easy to clean, unlike metal or plastic cookware, food odours and stains will not stick onto glass cookware.
  • When using your cookware, all you need is medium to low heat. Not only will you save energy, but you will prevent your food from sticking to the pot or burning.
  • Your Visions cookware is best suited for food that needs to be stirred (stir-frys), and food with plenty of liquids (soups and stews).
  • Use your Visions cookware anywhere, from electric, to gas and halogen ranges. Not suited for induction ranges.
  • Using your Visions cookware to bake? No problem! Just put it into the oven, from conventional ovens to toaster ovens and convection ovens, and everything in between.
  • Microwaving last night's dinner? Use your Visions glassware! Visions and microwaves are meant to be together. Just remember to wear oven mitts when taking your food from the microwave.
  • Its best to use wooden, silicone, or plastic cooking utensils with your Visions, that way, you can prevent unslightly scratches.
  • To wash your glass cookware, simply use a non-abrasive cleaner, and your everyday sponge. Tough, hard to clean, stuck-on food can be easily removed by soaking the glassware in warm water with some detergent.

Product Features:

  • 8-piece set gets you prepared for any kitchen tasks right away.
  • Safe and healthy: BPA-free materials used in the manufacturing process, and contains no metals.
  • High heat retention capabilities: only needs low to medium heat to finish cooking.
  • Compatible with gas, halogen, and electric stoves and ranges.
  • Oven and dishwasher safe.
  • Able to withstand temperature fluctuations - go from fridge to stove or microwave.
  • Glassware body made in France, lid is made in the USA.

Please note that new Visions cookware may exhibit some scratches. These scratches arise from the manufacturing process when the molten glass is cut, then cooled and hardened. These scratches do not interfere with the quality of the pot, and will not cause it to break or shatter.


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  • 5
    8-piece Visions Cookware Set

    Posted by Rita on 7th Jan 2020

    After being recently diagnosed with an allergy to nickel, I'm trying to reduce my exposure to metals containing it. Stainless steel will release nickel during cooking, especially when cooking acidic foods. Glass is inert and perfect for me.

    I really like this cookware set. You can see what's going on in the pot without lifting the lid. Very good quality and easy to clean.

  • 5
    Visions glass ware

    Posted by Mathew Ma on 6th Jan 2020

    Glass ware is durable, without source contamination, good sizes.

  • 5
    The healthiest Cookware Ever

    Posted by Barbara K. W. on 31st Dec 2019

    I knew Vision products for many years. I use mostly for water-based food like soups, stews etc. This kind of glass is well designed and manufactured to be so useful in the kitchen. I am very happy withe the set.

  • 5
    Awesome Set!

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2019

    These surpassed every expectation. Great value and they are excellent all around pots. Good sizes. Only negative is fear to drop one and break it.

  • 5
    fast and quality

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Oct 2017

    The product arrived in a speedy manor, the product was packaged securely, it is exactly what I expected. Quality product.
    Would purchase from Forum Appliances again

  • 5
    Quick delivery and high quality product

    Posted by Gary Chau on 12th Sep 2017

    Easy to handle and clean. Can see ingredients inside the pots while cooking.