Toyotomi Oxygen Bar & Air Purifier |ETKS50DX| 4-stage filters, 214 sq-ft

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1 Year
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Quiet: 18watt - Rapid: 80watt / Oxygen Generation: 56watt
Air Purifier: Covers 214 sq.ft.
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Toyotomi Oxygen Bar & Air Purifier |ETKS50DX| 4-stage filters, 214 sq-ft

Product Description:

This unit can change from normal air (concentration of oxygen: about 21%) to fresh air (including high concentration of oxygen: about 30%)by oxygen enrichment membrane. Oxygen molecule dissolves in oxygen enrichment membrane faster than nitrogen molecule. This unit is operative as oxygen charger by oxygen generation mode.
Product Features:
High Concentration Oxygen Generator
Four layer Filter
Generates Minus ion
Odor and Dust Sensors
Wireless Remote Control
Auto-off Timer (1-2-4 Hrs)
Air Purifier covers 214 square feet.
Additional Product Specifications:


Air Flow Rate Adjustments: Rapid / High / Standard / Quiet / Oxygen Generation
Air Flow Rate: Rapid: 176 CFM
High: 106 CFM
Standard: 70 CFM
Quite: 35 CFM
Oxygen Generation: 35 CFM
Power Consumption: Rapid: 80 W
High: 45 W
Standard: 30 W
Quite: 18 W
Oxygen Generation: 56 W
Coverage Area: 214 sq.ft. (AHAM tested)
Cord Length: 6.5 ft.
Product Dimensions: (W x D x H): 15-13/16" x 8-1/2" x 23-5/16"
Product Weight: 22 lbs.
Made In: Japan




Refresh yourself with vital oxygen

High Concentration Oxygen Bar with 4 Layer Air Filter and Negative Ion Generator
TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE: Use this versatile unit as an amazing personal OXYGEN BAR or flip the switch and use it as an extraordinary room AIR PURIFIER (covers 214 sq.ft.) 


The concentration of oxygen, which is about 21 percent of the atmospheric air, is increased to about 30 percent before being supplied through the unit. Taking concentrated oxygen into your body will help relieve fatigue, develop concentration, decrease lactic acid, and promote the burning of fat.


Approximately 30,000 to 50,000 negative ions per cc are generated.
(based on the temperature at 24 degrees celsius; humidity at 60%; measuring device: Kobe KST-900. Measured in the Toyotomi laboratory.)
What are Negative Ions?
Positive Ions and Negative Ions exist in the air. It has been described that Negative Ions attach to Positive Ions such as dust and smoke which are charged postively, then neutralize and clean up the Positive Ions.
It is also described that due to increasing the Negative Ions in a room will help for recovering from tiredness and feeling relaxed, 


1. Active charcoal filter
     with industry leading deodorizing efficiency of 90 percent
2. HEPA Type Filter
     with dust collecting efficiency of 98 percent
3. Bio Filter (Ginkgo Bioba Extract Filter)
    Ginkgo biloba extract filter eliminates more than 99% of bacteria and viruses contained in the air.
4. Anti-Mold Pre-Filter
     Relatively large dust particles are removed from the air
Ginko leaf essence is a safe natural ingredient which has beed used since ancient times as a medicine and health food in Europe and America. The essence contains many physiological activators such as the poly-flavonol glycoside and ginkgoride, which are found only in ginkgo among others.