Tiger Chinese Hot Pot |CPKD130| includes deep pan & BBQ plate

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9.9 in. x 2.4 in. (diameter x depth)
non-stick coated cooking pan
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Tiger Home Electric Grill with Hot Pot Function CPK-D130


Meal time have always been a time of gathering - people sitting around the table. Tiger's home electric grill lets you enjoy meal time by bring the cooking right onto the table. Enjoy a nice, hearty hot pot, or the thrill and the sizzle of the grill all with one handy appliance. Heating up to 230 degrees Celsius, hot pot will stay simmering, and the grill will stay hot and sizzling.

The large cooking suface of the non-stick corrugated grill pan helps to drain excess fat and grease away for healthier results, and it also helps make the nice "grill marks" on meats. For foods that require different cooking temperatures, the adjustable thermostat provides constant even heat for the perfect results. The other extra-deep smooth, non-stick plate can either serve as a frying surface, or as the pan for hot pot. You choose the pan and the temperature that fits your cuisine!

Product Features:

  • 2 extra wide non-stick pans provides ample cooking surface.
  • Adjustable thermostat provides even, constant heat up to 230 degrees Celsuis.
  • Special corrugated plate helps drains excess fat and grease away from foods.
  • Non-stick plates are easy to clean.
  • Made in Japan.