T-Fal Multicook & Grains Rice Cooker |RK-900151| 10-cup

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10 cups

RK-900151 | T-Fal 10-cup MultiCook & Grains Rice Cooker


Cook up healthy, tasty grains fast!


The new T-fal Multicook & Grains is the only multicooker that lets you speedily soak and cook your healthy, high-protein grains in one pot.
It improves the nutrients of your grains, so you and your family can enjoy healthy, yummy dishes. Efficient and versatile, this multicooker does the work of multiple appliances!

The innovative way to cook grains, legumes & much more!

The Multicook & Grains is the new and innovative solution to cook grains and legumes in a quick and easy way. Thanks to its exclusive patented technology, you can now soak grains and legumes up to 10x faster than the traditional cooking method. The Nutri+ setting also preserves the nutrients and vitamins and allows you to  achieve different textures according to your preferences when cooking your grains and legumes. 

It features more than 80 versatile cooking programs, offering a variety of possibilities every day, while the My Recipe mode lets you save your five favorite recipes for convenient use. Its easy-to-use design features a durable 2 mm ceramic bowl and a slew of practical features: express soaking, 3D heating and automatic keep-warm and delayed-start (up to 24 hours) functions, so your food is ready whenever you are. Rounding it all off is an accessory kit with recipe book, dishwasher-safe inner bowl, grain spoon, measuring cups, soaking basket and steam basket.


Product Features:

    • Nutri+ cooking programs use an exclusive patented technology to preserve more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.)
    • 82 pre-programmed settings: 20 nutritional and 62 multicook options including 5 DIY programs, for a wide range of cooking choices each day
    • Patented express soak process reduces grain soaking time and is up to 10x times faster than traditional methods
    • 10 cup / 4 L capacity, so you can make meals for up to 6 people
    • 2 mm ceramic bowl with diamond shaped coating is non stick, scratch resistant and dishwasher safe; ensuring metals or dangerous chemicals do not leach into your food