SodaStream POWER |1019811111| Black with chrome trim

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No power needed
1 carbonator good for 60L of soda
Black and chrome plastic housing with BPA-free bottles
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1019811111| SodaStream Starter Kit "POWER" (Black with Chrome Trim)

Make quality soda at home with the same taste as store-bought types but at a fraction of the cost!

Using the SodaStream starter kit to producing your favourite carbonated drinks at home is extremely cost effective: at only $0.30 per litre of sparkling water and around $0.88 per litre of soda, the SodaStream soda maker will pay for itself over and over again in a short period of time.

Environmentally Friendly


No batteries, electricity, or plumbing required are required for the use of this machine, making the entire process environmentally friendly. In addition to the machine leaving a smaller footprint, the bottles are made from polycarbonate-free materials, and are re-useable up to 2 years: much better than the conventional aluminum or plastic soda containers.

Many of SodaStream's components are recyclable also, such as the packaging, bottles, and the carbonator can be brought back in for exchange with the cylinder exchange program.

Easy to Use

All you have to do is add fizz (in the form of carbon dioxide from the carbonator), and syrup (available in a wide variety of flavours), and instant results guaranteed! Not only do you get carbonated beverages in a flash, but all the control is at your fingertips: the amount of fizz, the amount of syrup.. each soda is tailor-made to your tastes!

Product Features:

  • Starter kit comes with soda maker, 1 1L BPA-free bottle with fizz-preserving cap system, and 1 carbonator.
  • Simple, modern, easy to use.
  • No batteries needed, no tubes needed, no electricity needed.
  • Make great-tasting carbonated beverages in seconds.
  • You control every aspect of the process: the amount of fizz, the amount of syrup added.
  • Black housing with chrome trim matches modern kitchen decor.
  • Two years manufacturer's warranty.