Purple Clay Chinese Herb Cooker |BJH35A| 3.5 L

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3.5 L
high quality purple clay

Purple Clay 3.5 L Electric Herbal Tea Kettle BJH35-A

What is Purple Clay?

Purple clay, also known as Zisha is a natural substance that contains many different micro-elements that are needed by the body without containing any harmful substances. These valuable clay is only available in the deep stratum of hillsides in China. Cooking in cookware made of purple clay not only enhances the flavor in foods and soups, but it can also minimize the cholesterol and fat content in food.

Benefits of the Purple Clay Herb Cooker

The Purple Clay herbal tea kettle keeps the heating element and the clay pot spearate, eliminating contact between the herbs and the heating element, reducing the chances of the herbs burning and ruining the flavor and the effects of the chinese medicine cooked. The sensors built into the unit will determine when the herbal tea is done (4 bowls of water cooked to 1 bowl, or 3 bowls of water cooked into 1 bowl.) The 1-key control of heating intensity and boiling periob ensures a safe and user-friendly operation.

Product Features:

  • The pot is made of high quality purple clay, which allows air to permeate, making it easy to clean and is odorless.
  • Separate heating element and pot ensures that the herbs cooked are not burnt.
  • Fully automatic one-key control allows the pot to be operated easily and efficiently.
  • A fresh keeping function that helps maintain the effects of the herbal tea.
  • 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty.
  • Note that the instruction manual is in Chinese only, no English translations are available from the manufacturer.