Philips Electric Mens Shaver |RQ1150| SensoTouch [DISCONTINUED]

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rubber grip with washable stainless steel blades

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Philips Series 7000 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver RQ1150/17

Start the day off looking clean and fresh with the Philips SensoTouch Shavers. This shaver encompasses the pinnacle of Philips technology to bring you the closest and most comofrtable shave ever.

SensoTouch - GyroFlex 2D System


The head of the Philips RQ1150/17 is enginnered so that it follows the contours of your face and nect, adjusting easily to the curve and therefore minimizing pressure and discomfort. The blades hugs the skin, cutting closely without rubbing against the skin, no matter the direction they are growing.

Aquatec Seal


The Aquatec seal technology allows you to choose between a comforting dry shave, or complementing your shave with gels or foam for extra comfort.

Dual Precision Super Lift & Cut Blades


The Dual Precision Super Lift & Cut blades lifts the hair gently from skin while the second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave. The blades feature both slots and holes to shave normal hairs to even the shortest stubble.



Low friction SkinGlide shaving sufface offers the lowest friction between the shaver and your skin for an extra closest cut without the irritation.

Precision Trimmer


Included Precision Trimmer is perfect for moustache and sideburn trimming.

Product Features:

  • Ease of use: washable for easy maintainance, easy-grip rubber handle, and a large LED display.
  • 1 hour charge time can power up to 40 minutes of cordless shaving.
  • SensoTouch and GryoFlex systems for a closer shave with blades gently hugging the contours of your face.
  • Foldable charging stand included
  • Battery indicator lets you know the power level of your shaver.
  • Precision trimmer for moustache and sideburns.
  • SkinGlide shaving surface reduces friction between your face and the shaver
  • Wet & dry compatible, shave dry, or use with shaving gels or foam
  • 2-years international manufacturer's warranty.