Panasonic Microwave Oven |NNSD382S| 0.8 cu.ft, 950W

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950W Output Power
0.8 cu ft.
Stainless Steel

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Panasonic Compact Stainless Steel Microwave Oven - 0.8 cu.ft, 800W | NNSD382 |


With Panasonic's Inverter® Technology, it makes using the microwave much more versitile in what you can prepare. One would not get inconsistant cooking of having a raw center, and overcooked edges or surfaces because Inverter® delivers a continuous wave of energy to cook more evenly throughout the microwaving process. The Inverter® Turbo Defrost Technology uses it's low-power control system that makes defrosting of foods much more consistant and properly. This model has the Grill feature button to grill, crisp, or toast the surface of the food.

Product Features:

  • Convenient Pop-out dial control
  • 0.8 cu ft.
  • 950 W output power
  • Auto reheat
  • Auto cook
  • Inverter turbo defrost
  • Keep warm function
  • Popcorn key
  • Quick Minute
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Exterior dimensions (H x W x D):
    279 x 488 x 395 mm / 10.98" x 19.21" x 15.55"
Addition Information:

Inverter® Technology: Panasonic revolutionizes microwave cooking
Panasonic's Inverter® microwave ovens are new on the inside and out. Not only will they forever change the way you cook, you'll also appreciate their advanced cosmetics. Radically redesigned with 21st century technology, Panasonic Inverter® microwave ovens are loaded with powerful and convenient features not found in conventional microwaves.

Microwave oven facts
Conventional microwave ovens have been capable of using only one power level. The microwave energy is either on or off. For example, at 60% power, the microwave energy would be on 60% of the time and sit idle 40% of the time.

Inverter® technology facts
Panasonic Inverter® technology provides true multiple power levels. When the user asks for 60% power, the oven delivers a true 60% power, not a "pulsed" delivery of 100% power 60% of the time. This method is called linear power delivery.

To make things a little easier, there's a multi-lingual display that easily guides you through cooking instructions in English, Spanish, or French.


Better cooking results everytime
Inverter® can maintain the best colour, shape, texture and flavours of the food by using the most appropriate power levels for each menu. Various types of foods can cook using a combination of high and medium to low power levels. Because the Inverter® delivers a continuous wave of energy, delicate food items can simmer without overcooking on the edges and surfaces. Due to a consistent delivery of microwave energy, foods will no longer undercook in the centre and have hard, overcooked edges. We can now enjoy better colour, shape, and texture in the foods we cook, along with delicious flavours.

Inverter® turbo defrost
Panasonic has succeeded in evolving the turbo defrost function, which allows you to defrost foods even faster than previous models. Panasonic Inverter® turbo defrost technology is an advanced microwave sequencing system using the Inverter's low-power delivery feature. It was developed on the basis of what scientists call "Chaos Theory".

Due to consistent delivery of microwave energy, by using a unique low power control system, foods no longer under-defrost in the centre or have dry, cooked edges. This results in evenly and properly defrosted foods which, of course, means better colour, shape and texture of the foods you cook.


Better taste
Inverter heating minimizes the change in food texture and retains its natural juices, flavour and nutritional content by using the most appropriate power levels for each menu item.

Lightweight design
Panasonic's Inverter® Microwave Ovens are lighter, sleeker and more compact than ever before, yet also offer more space inside to prepare food. Panasonic Inverter® technology replaces bulky capacitors with a compact circuit, reducing the weight and size of our microwave's power supply and providing more room in which to cook food. In all, an Inverter® Microwave is 9 lbs. lighter than a conventional microwave oven.

"Keep Warm" capability
Panasonic's "Keep Warm" capability sets a new standard in cooking convenience, and is yet another added benefit of Inverter® technology. Delivering a steady, ultra low level of power the "Keep Warm" feature maintains a food's warmth without overcooking, allowing you to store foods until they are ready to be served with a "fresh from the oven" taste. You can keep stews, desserts, gravies or anything else fresh and warm in the microwave without further cooking them; impossible with a conventional microwave oven.