Panasonic: Cordless Telephone Battery |HHRP501A1B| TYPE 1

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Panasonic brand phone battery with 3.6V, 700mAH.

Fits the following phones:
  • Panasonic

    KX-FPC161, FPC-165, FPC 166, T800, T3800, T3815, T3823, T3824, T3825, T3830, T3831, T3832, T3835, T3842, T3845, T3880, T3900, T3920, T8832, TA38, TC901 TC904, TC907, TC911, TC917, TC933, TC934, TC935, TC1400, TC1401, TC1402, TC1403, TC1404, TC1405, TC1408, TC1410, TC1413, TC1430, TC1431, TC1447, TC1450, TC1451, TC1457, TC1460, TC1461, TC1481, TC1484, TC1493, TC1500, TC1501, TC1503, TC1507, TC1520, TC1696, TC1700, TC1701, TC1703, TC1710, TC1711, TC1713, TC1720, TC1721, TC1722, TC1723, TC1731, TC1733, TC1740, TC1741, TC1742, TC1743, TC1750, TC1800, TC1850, TC1867, TC1870, TC1890, TCM939, TCM941, TCM943, TCM944, TCM 947. Cordless data link KX-TCL100-B

  • Cobra

    CP-100, 110, 115, 120, 130, 140, 205, 310, 320, 255, 1155, 2055

  • IBM

    Type 7852 model 41

  • Northwestern Bell

    Excursion255, Excursion32011

  • Southwestern Bell

    FF-675, FF-700, FF-1150, FF-1175, FF1755

  • Sony

    SPP-933, A900, A946, A1050, A1070, D900, ER1, ER101, SS950, SS960, T18

  • Uniden

    B-3810, B-4101, CP-355, EP-200, EX-255, EX-905, EX-915, EX-925, EX-945, EX-965, EX-1960, EX-2100, EX-3101, EX-3102, EX-3800, EX-3810, EX-4100, EX-4102, EX-4112, EX-4800, EX-9005, EXA-915, EXA-950, EXAI-915, EXAI-918, EXAI-7980, EXI-916, EXI-917, EXI-918, EXI-7960, EXP-91, EXP-92, EXP-6900, EXP-7900, EXP-7950, EXP-7960, TRU-248