MW-Voltage Converter |MW50F| max 50W

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Mnaufacturer's Limited Warranty:
1 Year
Our FREE Extended Warranty:
6 Additional Months
up to 50W
1 2-prong plug output
durable plastic housing

MW 50 Watt Voltage Converter MW-50F

Have a small electrical appliance that you just can't do without, but works on a different voltage?

This small and portable voltage converter converts from 110/120V to 220/240V instantly, and its small size in contrast to large, heavy box voltage converters makes it perfect for any application.

The voltage converter has a 2-prong outlet, perfect for plugging in small appliances whose output does not exceed 50 Watts.

Product Features:

  • Small compact size.
  • 2-prong North Amerivan input plug to insert into wall outlet
  • 2-prong plug output on the front panel
  • Takes 110/120V input voltage and converts it to 220/240V output voltage
  • Maximum rated output: 50W, suitable for smaller appliances
  • 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty