MW Voltage Converter |MW1500D| max 1500W

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Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:
1 Year
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up to 1500W
3 outlets (2X 3-prong and 1X 2-prong)
heavy-duty metal casing

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MW 1500-Watt Voltage Converter MW-1500D

Have an electrical appliance that you just can't do without, but works on a different voltage?

This heavy-duty dual voltage transformer has the ability to step up from 110/120 V to 220/240V or step down from 220/240V to 110/120V (depending on input voltage) at the flick of a switch.

The voltage converter has two 3-prong North American outlet and one 2-prong outlet, perfect for plugging in multiple appliances whose combined output does not exceed 1500 Watts.

Our voltage converters feature a ventilated design, which is suitable for continuous use with a sturdy metal-casing, and extra capacity shock-proof sockets. The on/off switch and the LED indicator light on the front panel lets you know when the voltage converter is operating. Not only are they designed for continuous use, MW transformers are also designed with multiple safety devices to protect you and your appliances. The voltage converter is fuse protected, which will cut off if the current is overloaded to protect both the transformer and the appliance. These transformers are also CE certified to meet the highest safety standards.

The unit features a carrying handle on the top, so you can carry this transformer to where you need it.

Product Features:

  • 1500 Watt maximum capacity heavy-duty voltage converter / transformer
  • Dual step up / step down functionality
  • Switch the transformer to 110V for use in North America to output 220/240V
  • Switch the transformer to 220V to use overseas to output 110/120V
  • Extra-high capacity shock-proof socket
  • LED indicator for power source
  • 3 sockets in the front – one 2-prong plug outlet and two 3-prong North American plug outlet
  • Heavy duty for continuous use
  • Durable industrial type cord
  • Ventilated design for continuous use
  • Fuse protected – fuse will cut off if the current is overloaded to protect the transformer and the appliance
  • One 2-prong international plug adaptor included
  • Thick carrying handle on the top of the unit for easy transportation
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty