Jura: 2-phase cleaning tablets for espresso makers |JU62715| 6-pack

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6 cleaning tablets

62715 | Jura 2-Phase Cleaning Tablets for Espresso Makers (6-Pack)

In addition to quality of water, the condition of the espresso machine is also critical to the flavour and the texture of the coffee. Although Jura's espresso machines feature a zero-maintainance brewing unit and self-cleaning at a touch of a button, regular maintainance and complete cleaning of all internal components are required at regular intervals to maintain the highest quality of coffees that are being brewed. The innovative 2-phase cleaning tablets developed by Jura accomplishes this task.

Phase 1 - Cleaning

Together with water that has been heated, the cleaning tablets releases special formulas that loosens particles of coffee fat and other particles in all of the components of the brewing unit and sieve. A rinsing cycle afterwards flushes out the impurities inside and out.

Phase 2 - Protection

The second phase of the cleaning cycle helps protects the system by sealing the system with active ingredients from the cleaning tablets. This sealing helps prevents the accumulation of coffee particles in the long run.

Remember, a clean coffee machine is a happy machine, and happy espresso makers produce the best coffee at the touch of a button.

Product Features:

  • New patented formula cleans and protects the brewing unit in the long term.
  • The protective action delays the accumulation of coffee residue and coffee fat.
  • Helps preserve the taste of specialty coffees made by keep the machine hygenic.
  • Pack of 6.