John Frieda Hair Setter |JFHS5C| 5x 2-inch jumbo rollers

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JFHS5C| John Frieda Hair Setter

The John Frieda Body and Shine Smooth Waves Jumbo Roller Set allows you to achieve professional quality style in minutes! It features five jumbo, 2-inch rollers that create gorgeous, smooth waves. The rollers heat up in just 2 minutes for faster results.  It comes with a storage pouch to keep items compact and organized making storage easy and convenient. This convenient storage pouch also makes it easy to travel with. Wherever you go, go in style. Your hair will look full, healthy, and effortlessly flawless!

Product Features:
  • Advanced ionic conditioning enhances manageability and adds frizz-free shine
  • Titanium ceramic flocked rollers feature butterfly clip to allow superior hold
  • High/low/off variable temperature for various settings
  • 5 butterfly clips for easy clipping
  • Storage pouch to keep item compact and organized