Infinity Induction Cooker |IIC200B| 1500W

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ceramic cooking surface

Infinity 1500W Portable Induction Cooker IIC-200B

Clean, efficient heat is yours in one convenient and portable unit. The Induction Cooker by Infinity doesn’t use traditional heat transfer to prepare your food. Instead, it uses an electromagnetic field to generate the heat within the pan or pot you place on the cooktop. Because of this, an induction cooktop is more energy efficient because less energy is wasted heating the air around the pot. With a gas stove, only 40% of the generated heat ends up cooking the food. The other 60% is wasted - all it does is make the kitchen hotter. Traditional electric ranges are only about 50% efficient. Compared to gas and electric stoves, induction stoves are about 90% efficient, a significant increase from other traditional kitchen heating methods.

With induction cooking, your cookware heats up fast, reducing your cooking time dramatically. Best of all, the Induction Cooker is energy efficient, because your energy bill and the environment are important to Infinity. For high heat dishes, the Induction Cooker can heat up to 430-degrees. It also features a three-hour timer setting and cookware suitability detection to reduce the guesswork in your food preparation. Experience fast, effective cooking in one elegant solution with the Infinity Induction Cooker today!

Space-Saving Design


The Infinity IIC-200B induction cooktop fits 1500-watt cooking power into a space-saving design, so you can boil, sauté, stew, steam, simmer or fry at any convenient location in your house.

Induction Cooking Technology


The Infinity IIC-200B induction cooktop uses a magnetic coil to heat the cooking pot itself, resulting in a cooler, safer cooking surface and added energy efficiency.

Cookware Suitability Selection


When a suitable cookware is placed on the Infinity IIC-200B, the magnetic coil will react to generate heat for cooking. Heat will be shut off automatically when the cookware is removed, even if you don't turn them off. If the cookware is not compatible with induction cooking, the unit will turn off itself after several seconds.

Induction cooktops can only be used with cookware that is made of ferrous metals like steel or cast iron. Aluminum cookware won't work, nor will glass or ceramic. Here's a simple test to see if your cookware is induction-compatible: If a magnet sticks to it, it'll work with an induction stove.

Ceramic Cooking Surface


The ultra-smooth ceramic cooking surface has no seams or gaps to trap foods or spills, so clean-up is a breeze.

Convenient Timer


The maximum 3-hour timer allows you to accurately set and monitor cooking time for perfectly cooked food.

Product Features:

  • Strong heating power with high efficiency.
  • 6 heating levels for precise heat control.
  • Rated power: 1500W
  • Lightweight and portable: the unit only weighs 4.8 kg, making it easy to take it anywhere.
  • Digital display and accurate control.
  • Quick response to temperature and power adjustments.
  • Multiple safety features such as cookware selection for ease of mind.
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty