DeLonghi MAGNIFICA Espresso Maker |ESAM5500| Perfecta

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250 g. bean capacity / 1.7L water tank
Black plastic finish
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DeLonghi Magnifica "Perfecta Cappuccino" Automatic Espresso/Cappuccino Maker (Black) ESAM 5500.B


Imagine having your very own barista, making your drinks just the way you like, at the very comforts of your kitchen. What if all of those personalized drinks are available at a touch of a button? DeLonghi's Magnifica automatic espresso makers feature a Direct-to-Brew system that grinds the beans just before brewing to preserve the aroma of coffee beans, combining that with water heated to the optimum temperature for espresso, and dispensing into your mug, the perfect espresso with a layer of creamy, smooth crema. Now that's truly "Perfecta"!

Direct-to-Brew System with Adjustable Settings


A professional low-noise burr grinder with 13 adjustable settings minimizes heat transfer between the brinder gears and coffee beans to preserve the the oils and aromas of coffee beans. Burr grinders produce the most consistent grinds, and the adjustable settings allow you to select the grind size that matches your tastes. Electronically controlled, the grinder will always grind the right amount of beans for your cup of coffee, tall or short.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel


An easy to use control panel with 2 lines of display not allows you to control and personalize your coffee every step of the way, but also shows you the progress of your drink while its being made. With the programmable menu settings, you can adjust your Magnifica based on the hardness of the water, your desired coffee strength, and other menu options such as descaling, auto-start, and auto-shutoff. The rotary dial in the centre of the control panel lets you chose the size of your coffee, from small (risretto) to large (American coffee).

Cup Warmer


Espresso and other espresso-based drinks are best served in pre-heated cups in order to minimize the temperature fluctuation and its effect on flavour. A metal cup warmer plate on top of the unit allows you to pre-heat your cups for the best espresso experience.

One-Touch Cappuccino System


A removable milk jug and frother allows you to serve lattes and cappuccinos with just a touch of a button. Steam will froth with the milk in the optimum proportions then dispense into your cup along with premium espresso. The drinks will be made in front of your eyes, and the aroma will leave you craving more. If you have leftover milk in the jug, simply remove it and put the jug into the fridge. A tap is also included with the machine, and can be used in place of the milk jug for hot water on demand for Americanos, or your favourite hot chocolate.

Easy to Clean


The milk frother is extremely easy to clean. All you have to do is hold down the "Clean" button on the milk jug, and release the button when the display panel shows that cleaning is finished - it only takes a few seconds. Other componenets of the machine, such as the brew unit, the water tank, the coffee grounds container, and the drip tray are all removable for easy cleaning without moving your machine.

Product features:

  • Thermo-block heating system heats water evenly and quickly for espresso at the perfect temperature.
  • Direct-to-Brew system to preserve the aroma and flavour of coffee.
  • One touch cappuccino system for quick and easy preparation of cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Two-line text display panel with icons for clear and easy display.
  • Personalize your coffee by not only choosing the strength of the coffee, but also the temperature of the coffee, and the size of the coffee.
  • Use wither beans or ground coffee - what you have available, the machine will use.
  • With the "two coffee" features, you can prepare two cups of coffee with a single brewing.
  • Removable infuser unit with variable capacity.
  • Professional low-noise integrated burr grinder with 13 adjustable settings.
  • Water level indicator.
  • Adjustable coffee dispenser to accomodate different cup sizes.
  • Auto shut off and programmable turning on.
  • Indicator tells you when to re-fill water and empty the coffee grounds.
  • 1.7L removable water tank that you can fill right from the sink.
  • Reminder to clean the cappuccino system.
  • Rinse and descaling auto-programs.
  • Programmable water hardness inducator.
  • Built-in cup warmer.
  • Power supply switch for energy saving.
  • 250g bean capacity.
  • Made in Italy.