Brita Water Bottle with Filter |635677| 590mL, blue

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BPA-free plastic

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635677 | Brita 591mL Water Bottle with Filter (Sky Blue)

Improve your health, save your money, and help your planet at the same time with Brita's new water bottles with removable filters. Specially designed filters sit inside the water bottle and filter water on the go, making sure that each drink of water is clean and pure. Similar in function to Brita pitcher filters, these water bottle filters are proven to reduce the taste and odour of chlorine and the number of particles in your tap water. With each bottle filter replacing up to 300 plastic water bottles, each drink you take helps save the environment. BPA free and dishwasher-safe, the Brita water bottle makes it just as easy to clean as it is to drink from.

Click here for replacement water bottle filters.

Product Features:

  • Fill the Brita bottle with tap water for great tasting drinking water.
  • 590mL portable squeeze-bottle with replaceable water filter.
  • NSF certified to reduce chlorine (taste and odour) and particulates (Class VI).
  • Just 1 Brita water bottle filter can replace up to 300 plastic water bottles.
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe.