Breville Wok |BEW600XL| 1500W "the Hot Wok"

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1500 Watts
6 quart / 5.6L
stainless steel base; quantanium non-stick wok interior

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Breville the Hot Wok |BEW600XL|

This 6 quart high Heat wok with stainless steel base has a powerful 1500 watt element that distributes heat up the walls of the wok.  The thick aluminum layers maintain the high heat necessary for crisp stir fries. This searing high-wall heat wok works just like a traditional iron wok on a gas range. Butterfly Heating element evenly distributes heat up the high wall to 425°F (218°C), bringing real Asian flare to the at-home kitchen. Not limited to Asian stir-fry, 15 different heat settings can be used for all kinds of meals, including pasta, soups, curries, or scrambled eggs.

The dishwasher safe, durable Quantanium non-stick finish of the wok bowl needs less oil to cook and can be wiped down for convenient clean-up.

So now you can capture the crispness when you're not cooking with gas.

Butterfly Heating Elements

To improve heat distribution, and help the whole cooking area get hotter quicker, the circular element is folded in on itself in a butterfly shape.

Extra Thick Cooking Surface

Breville woks are made from cast aluminium to conduct heat quickly and efficiently. To emulate Asian style cooking, the woks need to get hot and stay hot, even when cooking a lot of ingredients. Breville's premium woks features thick aluminium for noticeably superior cooking performance.

Easy Look Glass Lid

A glass lid for optimum visibility and an adjustable steam vent built into the handle.

Product Features

  • Capacity 6 quart / 5.6L
  • Similar to cooking with gas, the 1500W Butterfly Element distributes eat up the walls of the wok. The heat-responsive die-cast aluminum then maintain this high heat to sear food.
  • 15 precision heat settings to High Sear/425°F to emulate Asian-style cooking. For best results, preheat for 10 minutes on ‘High Sear’ setting before beginning to cook.
  • Cook ‘n’ Look tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent allows for the ideal amount of moisture for any dish.
  • Dishwasher safe toughened glass lid
  • Less oil is needed when cooking in the Quantanium Non-Stick Bowl, that can be wiped down for easy clean-up or placed in a dishwasher
  • Cool touch handles