Breville Pizza Oven |BPZ600BSS| 12", 1200W, "the Crispy Crust"

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up to 12" pizza
Powdercoated metal outer construction

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BPZ600BSS | Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker

Are you tired of the limited selection of pizzas at pizzerias? Why not bake your own with Breville's pizza maker? From thin, crisy crust to thick, rich crusts, that stone-baked pizza taste and texture will be there. The dual heating elements, located both at the top and the bottom of the cooking surface provides even heat (up to 660F) to the pizza stone. The heat replicates the environments in a traditional brick pizza oven for that authentic taste and feel. Settings for this, medium and thick crust ensure that your pizza is cooked right everytime, no matter how much toppings you managed to fit onto the pie, and a keep warm setting helps maintain your pizza at the optimum serving temperature while keeping the cooking stone hot and ready for the next pizza. A viewing window lets you monitor the baking process without having to open the lid, simple, and quicker than delivery, this is the appliance that pizza-lovers have been waiting for.

Product Features:

  • Countertop pizza maker gives you professional brick-oven results, right in your own kitchen.
  • Dual heating elements on the top and bottom of the oven heat the ceramic pizza stone up to 660°F, replicating the cooking environment of a brick oven.
  • Built-in 12" diam. baking stone conducts and retains heat evenly to guarantee crisp, golden crusts.
  • Settings for Thin, Medium and Thick crusts ensure uniformly baked pizzas—no matter how generous the toppings.
  • A special Keep Warm setting holds your fresh-baked pizza at the ideal serving temperature—and keeps the baking stone hot between pizzas.
  • Use the viewing window to monitor baking without opening the lid and losing heat.
  • Bake pizzas up to 11" diam.
  • 1200 watts of quick heat.