Aroma Yogurt Maker |AYM606| 8-cup

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8 cups
Plastic housing with BPA-free plastic serving cups

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AYM-606 | Aroma Digital Yogurt Maker

Preparing fresh, healthy yogurt is no longer a hassle with Aroma's digital yogurt maker. Compared to store-bought yogurts, home-made yogurts can be customized to your tastes: whether its the fat content, the flavour (or combinations of flavours), and the serving size is yours to experiment and to create. With only 3 preparation steps to follow, freshly made yogurt can be made in less than a day's time.

With the easy to use programmable digital timer, the texture of your yogurt can be customized at anytime. Make different flavours of yogurt with the 8 separate BPA-free containers included with the kit. The cups also double as serving cups that can be taken anywhere thanks to the leak-resistant lid, making it ideal for school lunches and healthy snacks on the go, the cups are also easy to wash: simply put them into the dishwasher and the rest will be done for you.

Product Features:

  • Prepare all-natural yogurt in less than 24 hours.
  • Made in 8 leak-resistant, BPA-free individual cups.
  • Digital timer with automatic shut-off.
  • Complete control over ingredients, flavor, tartness and texture.
  • Easy-to-clean lid and yogurt cups.